This trio brings together three musicians coming from different origins: Russia, Japan and the Basque Country. All of them active performers and involved in other related activities like writing and publishing music, they engage in the effort to find a common ground in a procedural, real time way of deploying sounds in time to construct the music.

Expect a fresh and subtle combination of the saxophone and electronics played by Ilia Belorukov , the Larsen effect generated by Daichi Yoshikawa with microphones and objects, and the mixing board and speakers played by Héctor Rey.


des journées entières dans les arbres (#2)
Ilia Belorukov // saxophone and electronics
Daichi Yoshikawa // microphones and objects
Héctor Rey // mixing board and speakers

concert took place at T Berlin on September 30th 2014.
more information as well as recordings for streaming or download will be available soon.