(#4) Tremblay/ Bonney

light.box is a duet of drone/ glitch/ doom/ dirty epic noise improvisations based in the UK. As the electric part of Splice, Alex Bonney (trumpet and laptop) and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (bass guitar and laptop) indulge in the gritty nature of over-amplified sounds.

This duo improvises very freely, assuming all their musical influences, from lyrical lines from early free jazz to produced pop, with a strong tendency to stretch the harmonic and melodic material over time, to give time to the listeners (and to themselves) to delve into the spectral complexity of the sound sources, be them acoustic or electronic .

des journées entières dans les arbres (#4)

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay // bass guitar and laptop
Alex Bonney // trumpet and laptop

concert took place at T Berlin, November 3rd 2014.