(#5) Bier/ Schick/ Wagner


A meeting of 3 improvisors in electroacoustic form.

Ernst Bier, often on drums applies his technique to a range of electronic devices, often with drum-like interface.
Ignaz Schick plays turntables in a very physical way and subjects a collection of recordings to manipulation and interference.
Eliad Wagner uses microphones to capture acoustic gestures and *morph* them to electronic sound with a modular synthesizer.

In this session, acoustic thought and method are applied to electronic sound to create an electroacoustic adventure and reflect on this interesting cognitive sound processing.

des journées entières dans les arbres (#5)

Ernst Bier // drums
Ignaz Schick // turntables, electronics
Eliad Wagner // modular synthesizer

concert will take place at T Berlin, January 5th 2015.
more information as well as recordings for streaming or download will be available soon.