(#1) Seidel/ Gordoa/ Goodwin/ Wagner

how to create a musical scenario which combines instruments with long traditions and well established vocabularies with ones that have hardly any? How to deal with the benefits and obstacles this free form presents?

these are probably some of the most basic and general questions that people working with electronic sound have to answer and these are the thoughts the musicians in this first concert try to address. as work with unfixed instruments allows a large degree of freedom – choosing sound worlds, formalism, integration, spatial arrangement and so on, free music is a natural choice in attempting to tackle these decisions. while not attempting to give an accurate answer or solution to these questions, this concert demonstrates a possible scenario – one of many.


concert recording (also available for download):


des journées entières dans les arbres (#1)
wolfgang seidel // modular synthesizer
emilio gordoa // vibraphone & string piano
adam goodwin // bass
eliad wagner // modular synthesizer

recorded at T Berlin, august 4th 2014.